Cheqbook featured in Maui Weekly

Cheqbook has been featured in Maui Weekly 06/13/2013.

Maui accounting technology startup brought a dose of healthy competition to Startup World's Hawai'i conference. Held in conjunction with Mai Tai Global (an annual Maui gathering of the tech world's top entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes), Startup World is a global competition looking for the world's best tech startups.

During the Hawai’i leg of the competition, the judging team comprised of some of Silicon Valley’s elite were split between Cheqbook and Pharmly, another Hawai’i startup. Ultimately, Pharmly was chosen to represent Hawai’i in the finals, but Cheqbook achieved solid recognition as a highly innovative product in the eyes of the global technology community.

After two years of development, funded in part by the State of Hawai’i’s Qualified High Tech Business tax credits, is now open to small businesses and accounting professionals.

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