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This training is ideal for anyone that would like an introduction into theory, practice and every day practical application of accounting & bookkeeping for small to medium size businesses.

Take the free training here: https://cheqbook.com/learn-accounting-and-bookkeeping/

Three Minute Cheqbook Walkthrough

A brief narrated tour of all the basic features of Cheqbook.  This is a good place to start.

Cheqbook Basics

A 35 minute introductory training, including the dashboard, registers, reporting, inviting other users, and how Cheqbook’s colored icons fix cloud accounting.

Continuing Professional Education – For CPAs (and Others!)

In addition to the introductory videos above, Cheqbook provides formal training for CPAs called CPE.  Even if you’re not a CPA this is excellent in depth training and you’re welcome to enroll.  Cheqbook LLC is an approved sponsor of CPE by the State of Hawaii (registration number 15001).  This training is currently free but if you’re a CPA please note that we may not be approved for credit in your state.  Some state Boards of Accountancy do not require local or NASBA certification and others accept sponsors registered in other states like ourselves.  Please check your state’s standards.  The nationally recognized CPE provider FunCPE.com maintains a handy list of which states accept their CPE and why: FunCPE.com.  Cheqbook CPE qualifies in those same states except IL, NY, PA and TX which require specific sponsor registration FunCPE applied for but we have not.

Digital Chalk Logo

ALL CPE COURSES ARE HOSTED AT Cheqbook.DigitalChalk.com.  Cheqbook has partnered with premier online training company DigitalChalk.com to provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPAs as well as our own Certified Cheqbook Professional (CCP) designation.

To take these courses you must visit that link above.  If it’s your first visit click the NEW ACCOUNT button when you get there, and enter the necessary information to create a profile.  Once created the full listing of available courses will be provided.  Any questions contact support@cheqbook.com.  

Current CPE Courses

Cheqbook Basics
Instructor Doug Levin, CPA (Profile).  Cheqbook Founder Doug Levin provides a basic introduction to Cheqbook, including the proprietary AccuScore color coded icon system, adding companies and bank accounts, navigating the register, running basic reports, and inviting others to use a set of books.  After taking this course participants will be able to categorize transactions, train the system, make basic corrections to the blue coding engine, invite other users, print reports, add companies, bank accounts, and other matters.  No prerequisites or advanced preparation, basic level, 50 minutes of video instruction plus progress quizzes for 1 Self Study CPE unit in Specialized Knowledge and Applications.

Transitioning to Cloud Accounting
Instructor Greg Lam (Profile).  Recognized Accounting Software Reviewer Greg Lam discusses the benefits and challenges of cloud accounting, including tips and tricks to make your transition as smooth as possible.  After taking this course participants will understand the three fundamental differences between traditional and cloud accounting software and the steps necessary for transitioning.  No prerequisites or advanced preparation, basic level, 50 plus minutes of video instruction plus progress quizzes for 1 Self Study CPE unit in Specialized Knowledge and Applications.


Continuing Professional Education Policies

  • Grading Policy & Delivery Method – Courses are online but primarily video based and users must demonstrate their successful completion of the course by answering a brief test at the end.  Review questions do appear after each section and are not graded, but correct answers are provided. After successful completion of the course, a completion certificate is made available online.
  • Payment Policy – If there is a fee for a course payment is due when the customer registers for the course. Cheqbook accepts credit card payments via its CPE training partner DigitalChalk.com through their website.
  • Refund Policy – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied Cheqbook will provide a full refund. Cheqbook reserves the right at its sole discretion to deny refunds for serial complaints which show a pattern of abuse.
  • Program/Course Cancellation Policy – Cheqbook provides a 30-day advance notice before canceling a course and keeps the course available to those customers, who have started but not completed the course, allowing them to complete the course within twelve months of start date.
  • Complaint Resolution Policy – Customers can submit their concerns via email to: support@cheqbook.com.  We will contact you and work to resolve the issue within five working days.
  • Course Update Policy – Cheqbook offers courses developed internally as well as by reputable independent specialists in their respective fields specifically for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPAs. Management reviews course materials every six months or when outside events indicate changes may be necessary and requests the developers update their courses and provide the updated versions as soon as possible which are then incorporated into its web site. This also applies to in-house developed courses.
  • Record Retention Policy – Cheqbook contracts with DigitalChalk.com to retain all participants’ results and course evaluations for a period of five years according to standard S19-01 at: cheqbook.digitalchalk.com.  Program documentation, including compliance with standard S19-02 regarding length of program under Method 2 (specifically length of video segments) is retained for a period of five years from date of last student participation at Cheqbook LLC corporate offices.

Program/Course Development Policy – In program/course development, Cheqbook ensures the following:

  • Program content and knowledge level are appropriate for the intended participants.   All courses Cheqbook offers are tailored for the specific learning needs of participants and will vary based on anticipated levels of student experience. The course descriptions describe the content of the course as well as provide guidance on any pre-existing skill set or training that may be required for students to assess and successfully complete the courses offered.
  • Content and delivery system(s) are current, effectively designed and accurate.  Content is kept current using a combination of methods including student evaluations and periodic review by our content review team. Their effectiveness is tested prior to public submission with a team of test students, and the delivery method is state of the art and kept current by our providing partner DigitalChalk.com.
  • Content is developed by a subject matter expert and reviewed by qualified persons outside of the development team.  Cheqbook uses our own in-house experts who are members of the development team for courses on using the application itself, and also engages highly qualified third party instructors for courses that are not product specific but are relevant and useful to our user base and other CPAs. These courses are reviewed by an internal team composed of CPAs, developers, industry specialists, or other third party contractors as may be necessary to properly assess and critique proposed courses. These review teams will include fellow instructors.
  • Content is based on relevant learning objectives and outcomes.  Cheqbook chooses course subject matter, selects instructors, assists those instructors with course development, and reviews their submitted videos, quiz and test materials with the student’s needs in mind. This includes a consideration of the value of the learned material – especially its current relevance – as well as the effectiveness of the course materials for reaching the key objective of student understanding.

Development and Course Review Team

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