Davidoff & Associates

Company: Davidoff & Associates
Address: 1800 Diagonal Road, Ste. 600
Alexandria VA 22314
Phone: (703) 232-1599
Email: mike@davidoffcpa.com
Website: http://www.davidoffcpa.com/


We are an innovative CPA firm with a human touch! Our customers are mainly small businesses, non-profits and individuals. We emphasize quality over quantity… we are not after a quick buck but rather after a lifetime relationship with our clients… we are proactive not reactive… and we add value rather than drain your resources. Our rates are very reasonable, especially when compared with larger traditional CPA firms. Also, we offer a 15% discount for new clients and 20% discount for each referral you make. Referral discounts are added on top of any other discounts. We pride ourselves on ability to serve our clients’ needs efficiently, with an excellent price/value ratio and in a very friendly, down-to-earth manner. We almost never bill based on hourly fees so our work is never negatively impacted by bloated hours, as you often see with other professional services firms. You only pay an agreed-upon flat fee no matter how long the work will take. We are very accessible via telephone and e-mail, and our response times are rather short. There is never a charge for a short (under 15 minutes) phone consultation.



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