Friend Referral Terms, including Free for Life*

By using our social media buttons to share Cheqbook via Facebook, Twitter, email or sharing using our direct email invitation system you have the opportunity to earn a $5 a month credit against your own monthly subscription for each month that user continues their own subscription.  Existing paid subscribers can see and access this by going to “Invite Friends” in the personal menu options under their email address in the upper right corner after they login.

If you invite users with any of these tools you expressly agree that you have read all of the Terms of Service and agree to be bound by them.

These Terms of Service also include our PRICING POLICY and our SECURITY AND PRIVACY POLICY. All of these policies are incorporated by reference into these Terms of Service, and the provisions in these policies as well as these Terms of Service are collectively referred to as “Terms”. You can access the separate policies by clicking on their hyperlink.

You understand that we reserve the right to amend these Terms from time to time without notice to you and to terminate your subscription or friend-share-credit at any time if we believe that you are violating or failing to comply with any of these Terms or creating fake or fraudulent accounts.

The word “friend-share” includes our ability given to you to invite your friends to our accounting software.


We are granting you the ability to share Cheqbook in order to receive a $5 credit to your account.  The amount of the monthly credit will not exceed the amount of your monthly subscription.  To receive the credit, the person you invite must sign up and complete all steps required to become a user.  Such steps include: adding company information, personal identifiable information, linking or uploading a financial institution and placing a credit card on file for monthly billing.  Once those steps have been completed, we will credit your account $5 per month against that month’s charges for every person you invite that remained a subscriber on your monthly renewal date.


Your $5 monthly credit will remain active on your account for the duration of your friend’s subscription, hence the ability to get free for life* if you invite enough friends and they stay subscribers.  If the person you have invited to the software cancels their account, we will remove the $5 monthly credit in the same month for the subscription cancellation.  In the event you have multiple friends that sign up you will receive the $5 credit for each friend-share subscriptions that are active in our system for a given month.  However you cannot “bank” or carry over prior friend subscription awards that exceed your own monthly subscription cost.


Please note this program does not work the same way if you select an annual subscription plan, primarily because those plans are already discounted by 50% from the monthly cost.  You will only be credited $5 for each active friend once a year on your annual renew date.  For example if you’ve invited two friends you’d get a $10 credit monthly against your subscription fee of say $19.87, but only a $10 credit yearly against an annual fee of $119.88.  However since the annual fee is already discounted by 50% it may still be cheaper to select an annual plan.  Here’s the math on that:  12 x ($19.87 – $10) = $118.44 but $10 off of $119.88 is $109.88.   You need to do your own math to see whether the annual or monthly plan is in your best interests if you’ve successfully invited friends.

On the other hand if your friend selects an annual plan, it doesn’t effect the calculation.  For every friend that’s active on your renewal date you get the $5 discount.


If for any reason you don’t get your credit, please let us know by submitting a ticket to our support system and we’ll be happy to fix it for you.


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