About Us

Cheqbook wasn’t born in a bubble

In fact, it was created thousands of miles from Silicon Valley, on the island of Maui, by a development team that embedded itself for a year-and-a-half inside a professional CPA firm with 800 clients. Every feature was exhaustively vetted with one question in mind: does it work? The result is accounting software that’s powerful enough for accountants and simple enough for you.

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Our Team

Douglas Levin, CPA
10,000 hour plus expert on QuickBooks & small business accounting, founder and managing partner Levin & Tabon CPA’s, patent author, and lecturer.
Ben Ward
Founder/CTO of Solis KK (Japan’s 2nd largest Domain Registrar with $12 million exit) and Maneo.jp
Derek Abbring
Chief Marketing Officer
Pro-Tec Autocare
Tommy Russo
Investor RelationsFounder @Mauitime,

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