Expense tracking shouldn’t keep you from getting things done. We get it. The less time managing paper, the more time getting things done. That’s why CheqBook enables you to manage your expenses anytime and anywhere.

Expense Reporting Using Accounting Software?

While Cheqbook wasn’t originally designed for managing expense reporting, it’s very easy to do so.  Plus you get the benefit of the AccuScore system!

Just A Few Easy Steps

  1. Create a new company, and name it something so you know it’s for expense reporting like “J. Schmidt Expense Reporting”.
  2. Make sure to turn off personal expenses
  3. Add your company credit card account(s), do not select the “primarily personal” checkbox when the opportunity arises.
  4. Categorize your transactions using the business expense categories.
  5. Depending on whether you’re the company accounting department or the person with the expense account, invite the other to access your books.

That’s it!  Now just categorize your transactions as they come in, and you’re ready to go.

(Note: it’s on our to do list to be able to turn off unnecessary business categories like the balance sheet and other items by creating 100% expense reporting accounts.  Watch for that change later in the Spring of 2013 – it will make it just a little easier to work with).