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Plan Name Proprietor Entrepreneur Bookkeeper Accountant
Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial
Price $20
Number of Companies 1
Create Unlimited Simultaneous Users
Automatically Download Transactions
Save time with AccuScore Smart Categorization
Send Invoices and Accept Payments Online
Manage Bills and Print Checks
Make Journal Entries and Split Transactions
View your books from your iPad or Android tablet
View 15 Reports including Balance Sheet and P&L
Export data including contacts and transactions
View more features
Share with your accountant
Print reports, statements, and 1099s
Import bulk transactions
Feel secure with automated offsite daily backup
Fast Bank Reconciliation
Lock your Books
Free Training Videos, Webinars, Certification
Unlimited Archived Companies



Is a credit card required for the trial?
No. There is no credit card required to try out Cheqbook. At any time during or after your trial you are given the option to start a paid subscription using your credit card. Any remaining time left in your trial will be credited to your balance. We believe that managing your books should be simple, cheap, and risk-free.

Do I need a subscription to get access to someone else’s books?
No. All companies come with unlimited users for sharing. A subscription is only needed to manage your own books.

Do I need an accountant plan if I am accountant?
No. These plan names just imply who might need this number of companies.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?
Yes. At any time during your trial or subscription, you can upgrade or downgrade. The difference between plans will be pro-rated to your account.

How do I cancel my trial?
A trial does not need to be cancelled. Your trial will automatically expire to a read-only account which you can upgrade later. If you prefer, you can delete your account and all your data.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
At any time during your subscription, you can cancel. Your expiration date will be the last day of that billing period which falls on the monthly anniversary of your subscription. Remaining time during that final month is not refunded.

What happens if I archive my paid account?
We securely store your information for you as long as you want, and you can start up again any time.

How does pricing work for accountants?
If your client has Cheqbook they can grant you access to their books, and you can use us for free. Or, you can sign up for Cheqbook and own your clients’ books (for accounting firms, we recommend our Accountant package).

What if I need more companies?
We have larger plans available to match your needs. Contact us at