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March Sale

50% off each month for 12 months!

March Sale

50% off each month for 12 months!

Cheqbook is the
fastest & easiest to
use bookkeeping and
accounting software for
beginners or pros.

As seen in:

Cheqbook’s Accounting Software is Engineered to Save Time

Cheqbook Power User Features

Reconcile Bank in Less than 1 Minute!
No more checking off every transaction,
just verify your balance matches the bank
statement and click

Bank Reconciliation

Import Key Data from Quickbooks
Import vendors, customers, and items from
Quickbooks to make transitioning easier.

Import Key Data from Quickbooks

Mapped 100's Transactions to the wrong vendor?!
Fix Easily!

When you change the default category for a payee,
the system automatically offers the opportunity
to reclass all or some of the prior transactions for you.

Mass Recategorizations

Miscategorized a year's transactions?
Reclass all at once.

Bank description

Mass Remapping

Want to delete EVERYTHING prior
to 2012? Can do!

Use carefully! Bulk Actions are available
on any register screen.

Bulk Actions

Deleted something you shouldn't have?
Full restore!

We save all bank transactions,
even if you've deleted them.

Restore (Revert and/or Resubmit)


Yes, you can Lock books to protect data!
Close a set of books so it can't be changed
before that date without a password.

Lock Books

Don't fret! The original Bank Data
is permanently saved for reference.

The original bank data (date, payee, amount,
description, etc.) is saved, easy to see, and
cannot be changed by accident.

Original Bank Data Never Lost

Check cut one year, cleared the next?
No problem.

You can date a transaction in your books
to whatever date you want.


Bank connection only back 90 days?
Import data files from bank and get an entire year!

We also import online banking data files in the following formats:
.ofx (Microsoft Money / Active Statement / Direct Connect),.qfx
(Quicken / Web Connect) and.qif (Quicken)
Upload Data from Bank
Attach and save receipts and other
scanned docs to transactions.

No more paper receipts! Attach pictures,
pdfs, whatever format.
Upload Receipts / Attachments
Cash AND Accrual
Accounts payable and accounts receivable
transactions are recording on both a cash and
accrual basis, just change the company default
and the books change methods easily.
Accounting Method
Data archived for seven years, free!
We save your data for seven years.
Archived books are readable without
fee (but you cannot change them).
Data Archive
Have multiple windows open in one browser,
multiple companies in different browsers!
Open Multiple Windows
Quickly navigate the registers/journals with
Quick Jump

Quickly open commonly used date ranges
without typing dates in.
Quick Jump Navigation
Unlimited company user access!
Easily invite or be invited to a set of books,
no limits on the number of users per company.
Share / Collaborate
Access All Clients with 1 Login
Your login is private and accesses ALL
your companies and clients.
One Login
Flexibly work with your clients.
Work both ways: bulk host your
clients and save on Cheqbook
fees or have them invite you to their
books and cover the cost themselves.
Host (own) or be invited to books


Two different categorization engines!
The yellow transactions are automatically
categorized based on community data,
the blue transactions based on your preferences.
Automatic Categorization
Categorization engine learns automatically!
No need to establish complex rules, just
categorize transactions and the system learns
from your choices.
No Complex Rules
Full Blown Demo Company
Just create an free account and a full blown
demo company is available for you to test,
learn and play with.
Demo Company

What Makes Cheqbook Different

Accuscore imports and categorizes your transactions saving on average 80 hours a year
Compare Our Accounting Software For Small Business to the Rest
Cheqbook is fast and easy to pick up for business owners while having the pro features that accountants and bookkeepers need. We can save business owners two weeks a year through our patent pending import and smart categorization.
✓ Cheqbook has over 20+ more features
✓ Cheqbook does not limit use of features
Cheqbook vs Freshbooks
Cheqbook vs Wave
✓ Cheqbook has 14 more features
✓ Cheqbook has customization of reports
Cheqbook vs Accounting
✓ Cheqbook has 6 more features
✓ Cheqbook does not quarantine transactions
Cheqbook vs Xero
✓ Cheqbook has 8 more features
✓ Cheqbook has categorization of transactions
Cheqbook vs Quickbooks Online

Small Business Accounting Software Packages:

Cheqbook Proprietor
September Sale! $19.75/month




for 12 months

Designed for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Freelancers

Number of Businesses:


Cheqbook Proprietor
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for 12 months

Designed for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Contractors

Number of Businesses:


Cheqbook Proprietor
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for 12 months

Designed for:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants

Number of Businesses:


30-day Free Trial. No Commitment. No Credit Card. No Contract.
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Cheqbook Accounting Software Reviews

Small Business Accounting Software Testimonial

“Cheqbook was easy to set up and within hours I had a professional profit and loss statement, the first one ever created for my business, I was super excited.”

– Laura Kaplan Na Alii Massage

small business bookkeeping software review

“When tax season comes around it’s a lot easier to prepare and not have to go through so many receipts. I would highly recommend it to many, many people.”

– Sean Hower
accounting software for business review

“Just getting it set up was a really easy transition to our chaoticness.”

– Racheal Gonzolez

bookkeeping software for small business testimonial

“It’s brilliant. It’s easy. I get to spend more time doing what’s fun.”

– Spar Street


1 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with Cheqbook for any reason, simply email or call (808) 270-1055 within 60 days from the first charge date to cancel your subscription and to request a refund of your paid subscription fees.