Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is part of the Terms of Service Agreement between you and us. By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you are also agreeing to our Pricing Policy.


Currently, we offer four separate paid subscription plans that you may subscribe to:

Plan Number of Books Monthly Price
Proprietor 1 $19.75
Entrepreneur 5 $39.75
Bookkeeper 10 $74.75
Accountant 20 $139.75

Annual plans are also available for 50% off.  We have the right to increase monthly subscription fees from time to time upon notice to you.


You are responsible to timely pay all subscription fees and any other applicable service fees. If for any reason at any time we are unable to collect payment from you (either due to a lack of funds or otherwise), we may suspend your ability to download transactions or manually create or edit transactions of any kind, reducing your access to a read only state until your unpaid balance is paid. We will not delete or otherwise destroy your data for non-payment.

You hereby authorize us to obtain payment for all of your fees in accordance with the Payment Information stated on your “My Account” page on our website, We will accept only the following forms of payment for your monthly subscription fee:

1. Mastercard or VISA (credit card)
2. Mastercard or VISA (debit card)
3. American Express (credit card)

Subscription fees are due and payable in advance of each month of use and must be successfully submitted for payment by us within five (5) days of the beginning of each month.

We may provide other customers discounts to their subscription prices which discounts are not being made available to you.

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