Here’s how CheqBook works: every day, we link securely to your bank and download your transactions. Then, we categorize them based on your past behavior or the behavior of other users. This gives you a quick, accurate picture of your books in real-time.

So how does this save you two weeks a year? Let’s say your small business conducts 400 transactions a month. Over the course of a year, that means you’re spending about 80 hours on data entry. CheqBook does that work for you. Even if you’re only conducting 60 transactions a month, that’s still an hour a month you could be spending on your business. If you just don’t need automatic accounting, we’re still here for you. Sign up for our 100 percent free plan and enjoy the many other benefits of CheqBook.

We aren’t the only automatic accounting service. But we are the only one with AccuScore, a patent-pending system that tells you at a glance which transactions require your attention.

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