Why Cloud?

Your life is mobile. Shouldn’t your accounting software be mobile, too?

Cloud accounting is simply that: accounting in the cloud. What this means for you is freedom — freedom to work from anywhere, to collaborate easily and instantly with your accountant and employees, and to link your books and bank accounts in real time. No software to install or purchase — just you, your computer and the information you need, at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you want it.

CheqBook is…

  • Collaborative Often, it takes a village to keep a set of books. You work on them, your partner or spouse works on them, your bookkeeper and accountant work on them. If they’re sitting on a desktop, sharing is time-consuming. With CheqBook, anyone you authorize to view or edit your books can do so, from anywhere, any time. And you control the level of access for each user, so it’s always secure.
  • Adaptive CheqBook’s cloud service works on any computer: Mac, PC, Linux, doesn’t matter. If you have a browser and an Internet connection, it works. Period.
  • Evolving Living in the cloud means new features take effect automatically — nothing to update or install, ever. If you’ve got CheqBook, you’ve got CheqBook.
  • Safe With CheqBook, your books are always backed up. If your computer is stolen or your hard drive crashes, your data is stored for you — permanently.

So go ahead…get your head in the cloud. Try CheqBook today.

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