Cheqbook was created in an accounting firm, with accountants in mind.

Here’s how you know…

Guaranteed Free We will never charge you to access your clients’ books.  However, you may want to consider…

The Bookkeeping Model Own and control your clients’ books and grant them access.  We have excellent enterprise rates if you work this way.

Improve Bookkeeping Profits Focus on cleanup and analysis and stop keying your clients’ transactions.  Cheqbook was designed to be efficient and accurate — and it is. It’ll lower your labor costs and increase your bottom line.

Comprehensive tools With a click, Cheqbook generates: profit and loss statements; balance sheets; general ledgers; trial balances; AR and AP aging; lists of payees/vendors, customers, products/services and taxes; and a chart of accounts. Your clients may not know what half those things are, let alone understand why they’re important — but you do, and so do we.

Easy collaboration Being in the cloud gives you instant access to all your clients’ books. Changes are shared instantly, and you and your client can use them simultaneously, making dreaded accountants’ copies a thing of the past.

Free CPE Chances are you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on continuing professional education. We offer it free, through an authorized CPA provider. Fulfill your mandatory education requirements and learn how to use our software all at once. Learn more about free CPE.

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