Don’t just try us for free, use us for free. For as long as you want.

We get it: free is good. Everyone loves free. And for a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents, you get CheqBook’s cloud accounting service, a full-fledged accounting package equal to QuickBooks Pro, for as long as you want it. No trial period, no bait and switch. Just free.

How can we do this? The truth is, it doesn’t cost us much to store your information; if you’ve been running your company for five years, all your data would amount to about one picture uploaded to Facebook. We can handle that without taking your money.

Of course, just like you we need to make a living. We do this by offering an upgrade: comprehensive software error support, and our one-of-a-kind AccuScore system, which automatically downloads and categorizes your transactions.

We’re so convinced AccuScore will save you money and headaches that we offer it for…you guessed it…free, for 29 days. Sign up with your credit card and we won’t charge you a dime for the first month. After that, if you’re not hooked on AccuScore, you can switch to our free package. It’s that simple.

If you do get hooked — and we think you will — keep using our full package of services, including AccuScore, for as little as $20 a month. That may not be free, but it’ll free up something else of value: your time.

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