Powerful Accounting Software

Automatic Downloading & Categorizing We link to your bank or credit card accounts so all your transactions are downloaded and sorted automatically. No more data entry. Learn more…

Cloud Accounting Because CheqBook lives in the cloud, you can access us from anywhere, any time and invite others to join you. Learn more…

AccuScore This is what makes us better: a unique, color-coded system that highlights which transactions need your attention, saving you valuable time. Learn more…

Manage Multiple Companies With one login, handle all your businesses or, if you’re an accountant, all your clients.

Automatic Updates New features and improvements take effect automatically — nothing to purchase or download, ever.

Secure With CheqBook, all your personal financial information is fully protected.

Multi-Platform CheqBook is easy and intuitive and works on a PC, Mac or tablet.

CheqBook = Check Book We offer all the advantages of modern accounting software, but we work like our familiar namesake: a check book. This makes us easy to understand, and simple to use.

Cash Or Accrual Or both. Change back and forth any time you need to.

Online Bill Pay/Accounts Payable  Pay bills simply and accurately, create and manage payee lists, print checks and more. Learn more…

Online Invoicing/Accounts Receivable Collect from your customers and clients with unlimited invoices, and instantly receive online payments via PayPal. Learn more…

Accounting Reports Run all the necessary reports: balance sheets, profit and loss statements, AP and AR aging…the list goes on.

Collaborative CheqBook’s cloud accounting lets you share your books with as many people as you want in real time, and control how much access each user gets.

Works With Most Currency CheqBook works seamlessly with many major currencies. (Though don’t mix them.)

Handles Periodic Inventory The simplest and most common form of accounting for inventory.

Third-Party Payroll Friendly CheqBook doesn’t do payroll (maybe later). For now, our auto categorization works smoothly with whatever payroll system you use.

Track Personal Expenses CheqBook isn’t just for business — we can handle personal accounts as well. Great for freelancers and small businesses, especially those that mix personal and business expenses.